About Us

MMC Translation was founded in 1989 to provide translation of medical and technical patens, and interpretation for law firms in Phoenix, Arizona. MMC Translation utilizing 110 translators for over 65 languages. Since 1989 we, have continued to refine and improve MMC Translation’s historical commitment to quality translation and customer service that has created a high level of professionalism at MMC Translation. MMC Translation empowers you to design communication and processes around schedules that optimally meet your needs. MMC Translation’s clients have found their expectations met and exceeded for over 20 years. This means differentiating MMC Translation and building our brand through providing a product and service that delights clients, truly exceeding expectations whenever possible.

Evidence of this belief in the value of client care includes:

  • Staff resources dedicated to quality assurance and customer service
  • Tracking and taking action on errors
  • Offering a strong customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Stressing the importance of accountability in staff-client relationships

MMC Translation’s Mission Statement

MMC Translation offers a full complement of professional language services that will empower your organization to achieve a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

MMC Translation provides interpretation and translation services in different languages to business and government clientele and satisfy customer, and continually improve our organizational capabilities


In recent years MMC Translation have expanded services into international business meetings interpretation for Fortune 500 corporations. We continue to grow our roster of clients and services including following clients:

  • Health Care Providers (hospitals, medical offices appointments & procedures, emergency rooms)
  • Behavior Health Providers
  • Fortune 500 corporations,
  • Department of social and economic security
  • Law firms,
  • School Districts>
  • Private Companies
  • City of Phoenix
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